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Does your marble need professional marble polishing company in Dubai to be cleaned and polished properly?

It's a terrific idea to thoroughly clean and renews your marble tile and stone surfaces as the New Year draws near. This will assist in clearing away any accumulated dirt and grime as well as restoring the surfaces' original luster.

One of the most durable flooring options is marble, which has a history of lasting more than 100 years. Many clients pick marble flooring for their homes because of its elegant, polished look. A well-polished marble floor quickly improves the appearance of any space. Additionally, marble is a superb heat conductor, keeping your floor cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Although marble makes a beautiful flooring option, cleaning it can be difficult due to its sensitivity to acidic solutions. Additionally difficult to remove, stains and etch marks may even seep into the pores of your floor, detracting over time from its inherent beauty.

Maintaining the shiny, appealing appearance of your marble floor with professional marble cleaning and polishing in Dubai and marble polishing company in abu dhabi will help you avoid any potential damage. Your marble will retain its allure, worth, and distinctive qualities with the proper care for many years to come.


Calcium bicarbonate, which is mined from mountains, is the main component of marble. As a result, no other tile has the distinctive appearance and mosaic pattern that distinguishes each marble floor.

Some acidic stains from sauces, wines, and oils cannot be removed from a marble floor, despite the fact that the majority of stains can. Rust and grout can be absorbed deeply by the pores of marble Dubai. Use pH-neutral cleaners, wipe up spills right away, seal marble, stay away from harsh chemicals, and choose expert maintenance for the best marble care in Dubai.

The annoying stains can be removed by our professional marble polishing team in Dubai of marble restoration experts by:

  1. Grinding:In some situations, a stain may be too deep to be removed with a poultice. Professionals may use a grinding device in these situations to remove a layer of the marble as well as the stain. This approach is more invasive and ought to be reserved for absolute necessity.
  2. Honing:our professional marble polishing team in Dubai, Honing is the process of smoothing the marble's surface using abrasive pads. This can be used to give the surface a matte appearance and erase minor stains and scratches.
  3. polishing:professional marble polishing experts in Dubai may use a polishing product to restore the gloss to marble surfaces that have grown dull or scratched. In order to polish and smooth the surface, a sequence of increasingly fine abrasives are used.

It's crucial to keep in mind that certain techniques might not work for all stains, and some could work better on particular kinds of marble than others. In general, it's better to seek professional marble polishing in Dubai advice to choose the finest technique for cleaning stains from your marble floor. For assistance right now, contact Just Call specialists for marble repair Dubai!


Your marble floor may have etchings that are challenging to remove. They might leave your floor looking lighter and less shiny.

The most common reason for etching on marble floors is the contact of acidic substances with the marble's surface. Lemon juice, tomato sauce, and particular cleaning supplies are frequent offenders. It is possible for the marble surface to grow dull and etched when an acidic material is left on it for a long time.

You might try using a marble polishing chemical to get scratches off of your marble floor. These substances have abrasives that will aid in polishing the marble's surface and eradicating the scratches. You might also give a poultice, which is a cleaning solution given to the etchings and allowed to sit for a while, a try. The etches are then removed from the skin by wiping away the poultice.

A professional marble surface restoration may be required if the etches are extremely deep or extensive. The marble may then need to be polished to restore its brilliance after being ground or honed to remove the scratches.

Our skilled natural stone cleaning service professionals utilize cutting-edge tools to get rid of sketch marks and bring back the original beauty of your floor.


After marble repair in Dubai, sealing your floor is a crucial step to preserve the finish and keep it looking great. It's important to choose a stone sealer that is suited for the type of stone you are sealing because there are numerous varieties available.

For instance, some sealers work better on porous stones like marble than others do on non-porous stones like granite.

After marble polishing, sealing your floor is crucial because it helps shield the stone's surface from stains, moisture, and other sorts of harm. When you polish a stone floor, you essentially give the surface a smooth, glossy look. The floor may seem gorgeous as a result, but it is also more prone to damage. Without adequate protection, stains and damage can be quickly caused to the stone's surface by spills and other chemicals.

After marble polishing service, sealing your floor might help to establish a barrier between the stone and these potentially harmful elements. By sealing the surface, you may help maintain the beauty and integrity of the floor by preventing stains and moisture from permeating the stone.

After marble polishing in Dubai, sealing the floor can make it easier to clean and maintain. Spills and dirt will be less likely to permeate the stone when the surface is properly sealed, making it easier to clean and maintain its best appearance.

Overall, sealing your floor is a crucial step to take after marble polishing in order to assist safeguard the surface and maintain the appeal of your stone floor.


For individuals who adore their glossy, shimmering finish, a marble floor is an excellent investment. However, regular upkeep and cleaning are necessary to maintain your marble floor looking its best. This can entail using a pH-neutral cleanser to get rid of dirt and grime as well as dusting, cleaning, and mopping the surface.

Hiring a marble polishing service is advised for a comprehensive and expert cleaning. Our professional marble polishing team in dubai has the skills and tools necessary to thoroughly clean, polish, and seal your marble floor, preserving its maximum radiance and beauty. You may enjoy your marble floor for many years to come by taking good care of it.